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The Unofficial Vegas Podcast

From the team that writes the Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas comes the Unofficial Vegas Podcast. All the tips and tricks to make you a savvy Vegas traveler. We cover hotels, shows, dining, entertainment and everything else Vegas has to offer.

It’s a Podcast. It’s about Vegas. It’s Unofficial.

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  • An Interview With Seth Kubersky June 7, 2023
    Co-Author of the Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas Seth Kubersky returns to the podcast for a chat with Fred. Hear all about his adventures of his recent trip to Vegas as well as how the new version of the Guide looks for 2023!
    Fred Hazelton and Seb Gagnon
  • In Review - The Vdara September 25, 2022
    Fred and Seb do an insider's view of the Vdara hotel, with Fred having recently stayed there.  Should you stay there?  Listen in and find out what the guys think!
    Fred Hazelton and Seb Gagnon
  • Ya Feel Lucky Punk??!! May 11, 2022
    Is there such a thing as luck?  Seb and Fred discuss their thoughts on the subject in terms of Vegas and poker!  One of the best episodes yet!!
    Fred Hazelton and Seb Gagnon
  • Recent Trip Review April 4, 2022
    Fred's parents, Bonnie and Bill, just went to Vegas!  Bill joins us and tells us all about his experiences, from staying at the Venetian, casinos, restaurants, deals, COVID, and every other detail from their awesome trip!
    Fred Hazelton and Seb Gagnon
  • Vegas in 2022 March 24, 2022
    With COVID-19 coming to an end, what will Las Vegas look like for people wanting to go?!  Seb and Fred have some interesting thoughts.  Join in.
    Fred Hazelton and Seb Gagnon
  • Researching Your Vegas Trip February 18, 2022
    You want to go to Vegas?  Not sure where to find your flight info, hotel reviews, what is the best this, what is the best that?  Seb and Fred dive into how to get the best information when planning your trip.  Enjoy!
    Fred Hazelton and Seb Gagnon
  • Taking a Solo Trip February 3, 2022
    Thinking of going to Vegas by yourself?  No one with you?  Should you do it?  What would you do alone in Vegas?  We have some great tips and ideas for you in the first episode of Season 3!
    Fred Hazelton and Seb Gagnon
  • The Bellagio November 23, 2021
    It's the focal point of the Strip.  The fountains, the prestige, the fame, the appearances in movies, it's the hotel you think about when you think of Vegas.  The Bellagio!  Fred and Seb look at this majestic hotel and all its glory!
    Fred Hazelton and Seb Gagnon
  • Hotel A or B? November 18, 2021
    When you are going to Vegas and are down to 2 possible hotels to stay at, which do you pick and why?  Fred and Seb bring you some perspective on how to make this important decision!
    Fred Hazelton and Seb Gagnon
  • World Series Of Poker 2021 November 15, 2021
    It's the most.....wonderful time.....of....the year!!  At least if you are a Vegas and poker fan!  Yes!  It's the WSOP in Vegas!  Fred and Seb discuss the various tournaments, where it is happening, what to do, where to go, should you play?  A must-listen for any poker fan, or Vegas fan for that matter!
    Fred Hazelton and Seb Gagnon